Bio_PhotoMateo Magee has been offering private sessions, short talks, day-long intensives, weekend retreats, outdoor events, and rite of passage ceremonies since 1998.  His book, Peruvian Shamanism: The Pachakuti Mesa (2002), is the first written account of a shamanic lineage originating from Peru’s northern coast and southeastern Andean regions.  Mateo has also been leading spiritual and ethno-botanical expeditions to Peru and Bolivia since 2006.

Matthew holds degrees in Behavioral Medicine and Spirituality from Lesley University, a degree in Deaf Culture and Freelance Interpretation from Northern Essex, and has been trained as an outdoor guide through the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS/University of Utah).  Yet, he feels his true education was derived from the years he spent living and working alongside native peoples in both North and South America.



Mateo is a generous, patient, loving teacher who has a really incredible way of holding and creating sacred space not only in a formal way, but also in any moment. Mateo was able to work with and unite a very diverse group of people, who ultimately became close family as the retreat in Peru continued, and at the same time was able to encourage each individual to closely view and unfold their own personal truths. Mateo’s extensive travels and the local relationships that he has built over the last two decades enabled us to have intimate experience’s with people and traditions of the highlands that few travelers get to. Mateo’s insight, wisdom and strong commitment to retreat, stillness and connection to the land and sacred sites brought incredible magic to this experience, and I am very grateful for all of his guidance. Mateo is able to unwaveringly challenge your story without judgment, challenge your growth edge and inspire courage to speak and live what is true for you while staying centered in his own open and courageous heart. All of this going on while simultaneously sharing rich historical, cultural and spiritual context for some of the most ancient peoples’ lands and most sacred sites on the planet. I highly recommend Mateo as a guide and mentor for anyone who wants to have a life changing experience.”  – Tracie Troxler

I have had difficulty in the past anchoring my dreams, visions, and expanded energy into the physical and into the present moment. Mateo’s work with me has been both practical and mystical, helping bring home all the parts of me, from the most ecstatic to the most wounded.  In ceremony, he creates a space where all and “The All” are welcomed, and woven together in fulfillment of our gifts and larger purpose.  I am in deep gratitude for the profound, gentle, and original teachings Mateo brings forth.” – Victoria Hoch. Austin, Texas

Mateo’s Peru trip was my best Peru experience ever. We had remarkable access to sacred sites and wise elders, continuous support of our personal process and insights. All of our creature comforts were impeccably handled (nice lodging, exceptional meals, easy transportation). I cant wait to join him on his next trip!” – Christine

The Peru Retreat with Mateo was amazing food for my entire being. The sacred container created by the combination of Mateo’s graceful and humble teachings, paired with the Sacred Valley and the mountains, stars, and spirit of Peru create an opportunity for powerful transformation, reflection, and self-healing.” – Maura

There are thousands of groups of people going to Peru.  There is only one Mateo, who uses his knowledge and heart guided by his passionate connection with spirit to provide a safe space to have a truly transformative experience.  I am still blown away…” – Royden

Overall, the trip that Mateo has put together is the best way to experience Peru. Everything is laid out in a seamless structure that allows each person to have their own unique experience while at the same time experience communion with the land and with the group. In 10 days I was absolutely filled with a lifetimes worth of treasures and memories that will remain deep within my heart. It stays with me. Now that I am home I remember to pause, feel the present moment, and know that I am always in connection with that land, and all people and life everywhere.”  – Madhu

Other Offerings:

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Remembering Earth:  Encountering Self Awareness in Nature

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Medicine in the Moment: Walking with Shamanic Awareness

Healing From The Core: Exploring The Essence of Hands-On Healing

The Alchemy of Ceremony:  Transformation through Ritual Practice

Peruvian Indigenous Medicine Ways: sponsored by False Profit LLC with Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., in San Francisco

Peruvian Cosmological Practices and the Pachakuti Mesa Dialectic, at the Indigenous Medical Traditions of the Americas Conference, sponsored by Pro-Cultura in Washington DC

Cross-Cultural Shamanic Practices and the Universal Application of Ceremonial Wisdom at the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Annual International Conference of Pachakuti Mesa Carriers, sponsored by the Heart of the Healer Foundation.

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