The Invitation

At the heart of every shamanic tradition there is a shared wisdom of how healing occurs. The essence and techniques of these systems originate from the same source of Universal Wisdom.  There are distinct commonalities that are shared cross-culturally amongst the shamanic healers of the world.

Although the forms may vary in their expression, the underlying element is universal. Understanding and experiencing this empowers us with a universal knowing, and subsequently demystifies the often mysterious and/or misunderstood aspects of shamanic practice.

The beauty of this process is that it has application in almost every aspect of our lives. Once understood, the same principles utilized in the healing process can be applied to spiritual development, personal guidance, divination, conducting ceremony, connecting more deeply with the seen/unseen world.

Using the lens of Peruvian Curanderismo, examples of these core techniques will be presented and practiced.  Specific focus will be placed on distilling the essence from these culture-specific techniques to move towards a universal approach to healing – on all levels. The end result being the ability to apply these core techniques to any form of our spiritual or material life/practice.

Learn How To:

  • • Utilize core healing techniques that transcend tradition
  • • Cultivate a deeper relationship with Spirit
  • • Connect more deeply to nature and it’s wisdom
  • • Refine your ability to be a healing vessel
  • • Embracing transparency and authenticity as a lifestyle
  • • Transform undesirable physical, mental, and emotional energy 
  • • Leave with the tools and wisdom to make a difference in your life and the world

What to bring:
A personally meaningful object for the group altar.
A small stone or object small enough to carry comfortably in your pocket.
A notebook or journal and a pen.
Warm clothing for spending time outside.

This is a Weekend event beginning at Friday evening at 6:00pm and ending on Sunday evening at 5:00pm.  The fee for attending this workshop varies depending on rental space venue, catering, and number of attendants, and is usually approximately $375.00 per person.

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