Living The Ceremony Online Course

Course Description:
For over a decade the book, Peruvian Shamanism: The Pachakuti Mesa, has been a resource for accessing the heart-felt wisdom of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. This 3-Part Audio Series is an opportunity to dive deeper into the heart of the mesa and its ceremonial structure as well as its practical application in daily life.

Below are the links to download the 3 weekly audio recordings from Mateo Magee as well as applicable literature and suggested readings. Specific focus will be placed on the structure of ceremony to better empower individuals with tools to more effectively utilize the Mesa as a resource for spiritual growth and sacred service in the world.

This rare opportunity is an invitation to align with the Soul by more deeply weaving the wisdom of this sacred tradition into your existing spiritual practice.

Click the “Play” button to listen online, or click the link below each week to download the audio content to listen at your leisure.

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Week One: Cultivating Sacred Space – The Alchemy of Stillness and Movement
Living The Ceremony - Call One - Download

Week Two:  Working The Fields – Utilizing the Medicine of Dualism
Living The Ceremony - Call Two - Download

Week Three: Living the Ceremony – Ancient Wisdom in the Present Moment
Living The Ceremony - Call Three - Download

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