Pre Ceremony Preparation

Pre-Ceremony Preparation

There are always a few questions that need answering regarding what to expect in a this type of healing ceremony, and also how to best prepare for this work. As such, the following recommendations are hopefully some useful guidelines regarding the optimal diet and proper mindset to be in harmony with the ceremony.

The most general guidelines that can be provided regarding diet are simply to stay hydrated, eat light, and avoid plants and things that are considered hot or spicy by nature. Ideally this is done for one full day prior to the ceremony; however, starting the morning of the ceremony is also acceptable. If you are not able to adhere to the diet, please do not be concerned. The examples below are merely guidelines to help optimize your body’s potential within the ceremony.

A few examples of foods to avoid are: garlic, onions, peppers of any kind, also any exotic food additives such as ají (capsicum annuum l.), curry, wasabi, etc. You should also try to stay away from salt and pepper, condiments such as ketchup and mustard, as well as meat and fried or fatty foods. If meat is a must in your diet, try to stick to white meats like chicken or fish, and only in small quantities. Try to also avoid foods that are bitter by nature. Strict dieters will also choose to pass on basil, peas, anise, celery, coffee (or a one morning cup limit), clove, fennel, chamomile, marjoram, nutmeg, parsley, rosemary, balm-mint, cinnamon, etc. In other words the blander the better. Also, plan to have your last meal of the day before 3:00pm on the day of the ceremony. Remember, these are guidelines that will help, but you are always free to use your judgment. You know your body best. It is also advised to do your best to refrain from any form of sexual activity or inebriating substances of any kind for a minimum of one full day prior to the ceremony. If you are wondering what “can” we eat, here are a few options: Rice, barley, wheat, light grains, pastas, eggs, potatoes, papayas, avocados, almost all fruits and most vegetables as well, with the exception of oranges and mangos, which should be consumed only in moderation.

Try to keep your thoughts as pure as your diet. Avoid negative or fear-based thoughts whenever possible. Ideally you should take time to focus on your personal intentions for the ceremony.

What to bring: Bring a cushion or mat to sit on, and if your mat can double as a way to cushion yourself for a post ceremony nap that would be even better. As such, a sleeping bag or blanket would be helpful. Bring enough layers or blankets to say warm through the wee hours of the evening. Dress casually and comfortably. It is also recommended to bring some fruit, healthy snacks, or teas for the morning “potluck” style break-fast. Also: If you are a mesa carrier, you will NOT need to bring your personal altar.

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