Silent Service


If you want to know how to silence the mind,
fix its gaze upon the all-encompassing truth of the moment.

Even the most fleeting glimpse
of this boundless vision of divinity
will force the mind to bow in humble reverence
to the majesty of this infinite wisdom.

Overpowered by purity and simplicity,
and the immeasurable abundance of Love.

Transfixed and forever transformed.

Overwhelmed by the enormity of truth,
the mind falls blissfully into servitude.

With joy and unrelenting adoration,
it will welcome the saddle unto its back.
It will toss the bridal over its own head
and place the bit in its mouth.

It will relinquish control in silent, awestruck surrender,
and plead for this imponderable Wisdom to take the reins.

Written Easter Sunday 2011 © Matthew “Mateo” Magee
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